Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-201-6885

Graphic Packaging International offers members access to Your Benefits Resources. This is a free service for their clients. Members can manage their account online. When patients create a online account they able to do the following:

  • View your Member ID card (front & back).
  • View your personal Health Record.
  • View your claims.
  • Find a doctor, urgent care facility, dentist, pharmacy or hospital.
  • Check balances on your coinsurance or deductible.
  • Much more!

NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you need to access the YBR Resources login or register page, follow these easy steps below. Below we have provided a quick guide for you to find out how you can activate a new online account where you can manage your retiree services

Follow these easy steps below if you are a Member who needs to create a new online account:

  1. Visit: URL on your device.
  2. Click on the “Are you a new user?” link.
  3. Type in the last 4 digits of your social security number in the field provided.
  4. Input your date of birth.
  5. Click on the “Continue” button.
  6. Manage your account summary and details.

NOTE: The Added Benefits login or register website is: https://www.

Follow these easy steps below if you are a Current Employee who needs to access the account Login Page:

  1. Visit: on your device.
  2. Type in your Resources User ID in the field provided.
  3. Type in your password in the field provided.
  4. Click on the “Log On” button.
  5. Proceed to move forward and provide all the required information to complete the registration for a Resources online account. You can then view and manage your retiree account.