Medicare Part B is the medical insurance component of the Medicare program that pays for costs like doctor’s office visits, medical equipment, and outpatient procedures. The plans new costs for 2019 has seen a slight increase. The standard Medicare Part B plan is now $135.50 which is a increase of just $1.50 per month over the previous year of 2018 premiums.


The deductible for Medicare Part B Plans will also increase by $2 over the 2018 calendar year to a new price of $185. After a plan holder meets this deductible amount, they should pay the normal 20% of the cost of treatment that is Medicaid Approved.


For Medicaid Part A plan holders, which mainly covers hospital stays, the plan is still remaining free from a monthly premium, so there is no change there, however, the deductible for Plan A is going up from $1,340 in the previous year of 2018 to $1,364 in 2019.


Below is the chart that shows 2019 Medicare Part B premiums based on your income level. Remember that the premiums are based on whether you file an individual income report or one jointly with a beneficiary such as married couples. These premiums are based on your modified adjusted income from 2 years ago or your 2017 adjusted income returns.



Again not too much of a change for the standard Medicare Part B plan holders. You higher income holders are seeing more of a significant change this year than in previous years, all due to the cost of services increase.