Online Account Access Department Phone Number: 1-866-336-9371 / TTY: 1-866-336-9371 (TTY 711)

This company has been around since 1974. They have a solid foundation of providing improved health care for individuals and now serve over 45 million members. On their site you can do the following:

  • Print a temporary ID card or request a replacement card.
  • Submit a claim.
  • Get direct access to claims summaries for your prescription, dental, vision, and mental health plans.
  • Set-up automatic payments.
  • Check your benefits at any time.
  • Set up reminders.
  • Keep track of your medical benefits and account activity.
  • View your account balances to see at a glance how much money you started with, how much you’ve paid out, and what’s left.
  • See how close each family member is to reaching the coverage deductible, and then calculate out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Set up your financial transactions with direct deposit.
  • Much more!

If you need to access to the sign in page, follow these easy steps below. We have provided a quick guide for you to find out how you can gain access to your current account. Be sure you have your personal information on hand.

What you need to have available:

  • internet access
  • current user and password for login

Follow these easy steps below to use the United Healthcare Community Plan online:

  1. Visit in your browser.
  2. Type in your user name in the space provided.
  3. Type in you password in the space provided.
  4. Click on the blue “login” button.
  5. Begin using your online account.