Customer Service Phone Number: (480) 684-6000 or (855) 355-6500

Banner Health was first started in 1999 and provides it clients with assistance with the following Health Care Assistance:

  • Emergency
  • Primary
  • Hospital
  • Hospice
  • Long-term/home
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Labs
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Pharmacies



If you are a new client or an existing one, you will want to create a online account. Below we have provided a quick guide with links to get you to the correct site. Once you have created or have signed in to the account online here are a few of the tasks you can complete:

  1. Send secure messages to your providers such as:
    • Banner Medical Group
    • Banner – University Medical Group
    • Banner MD Anderson provider
  2. Review you and your family’s health information such as:
    • blood pressure
    • allergies,
    • medications
    • immunizations
    • much more
  3. View lab results.
  4. View prescribed medications.
  5. View X-rays and other medical imaging reports.
  6. View discharge instructions after your visit to the hospital or emergency room department.
  7. more


steps for a NEW MyBanner client account registration:

  1. Visit: on your device.
  2. Type in your first and last name in the fields provided.
  3. Input your date of birth in the fields provided.
  4. Choose how you would prefer to verify your account: by social security number or your email address and provided the corresponding information in the field provided.
  5. Click on the “I’m not a robot” box.
  6. Click on the “Next” button.
  7. Proceed to move forward and provide all the required information
  8. Be sure to verify that all account information such as personal info is correct before submitting.
  9. Submit and receive a confirmation of completion.

steps for EXISTING MyBanner clients to log in:

  1. Visit: in your internet browser on your device or click here.
  2. Type in your email address or username in the field provided.
  3. Type in your current password in the field provided.
  4. Click on the “Sign In” and continue to move forward and manage your online account.
  5. Confirm all personal details are correct. If not contact customer service.

If you are a Patient looking for a specific page we have provided quick links to sign in to these pages below

Patient Center Login Pages