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Nursing Homes and Assisted Living in Philadelphia PA 19111

Nursing homes, assisted living, long term health care centers, rehabilitation centers and other care facilities in Philadelphia, PA 19111 and surrounding areas.


Nursing homes and other long term care facilities are environments that house your loved ones for a extended period of time when they are undergoing a long term health issue. With multiple facilities located in your area you will ¬†want to be sure to to find the one that fits the needs of the one that needs the special care. You want to be sure they will care for your loved one and be able to relay any issues they may be having with you and your doctor. Do the research to make sure you find the right one that meets the requirements you set out for and don’t be afraid to ask if they can fulfill these needs before deciding. Having a facility that meets those needs and are local can be good in the event an emergency occurs you can easily be reached. Below are some local centers.

Pennypack Center

Nursing Home

8015 Lawndale St

(215) 725-2525


The Philadelphia Protestant Home

Retirement Community

6500 Tabor Ave

(215) 697-8000


Holy Redeemer Lafayette

Retirement Community

8580 Verree Rd

(215) 214-2800


Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme

Assisted Living Facility

7040 Oxford Ave

(215) 745-3517


Glendale Uptown Home

Nursing Home

7800 Bustleton Ave

(215) 722-2300


For a map view and to see the list of other local Nursing Home Care Centers click the link below:

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Other Care Centers

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