This company was founded in 2008 and they have their headquarters in Rochester, New York. They administer name brand and generic over the counter medications for Supplemental Over The Counter Benefit Programs. They are a division of Fieldtex Products and have a 55,000 square foot distribution center.

Customer Service Support Phone Number: call 1-800-772-4816 (ext. 237).

This company focuses on making a brochure / product catalog available for a simple mail order/ home delivery system. They understand that many who participate in this type of program are elderly and have limited mobility. So instead of driving to pick up OTC medicine, they can conveniently order from home and have their items delivered to them. They also know that working with technology may not be easy for the elderly so they maintain use of an easy catalog ordering program along with phone and online ordering.

They focus on offering the following:

  • Fast & Easy Home Delivery: The Mail Order OTC Catalog Program lets members redeem their benefit from the convenience of their home, no matter where they live, even if it is in a rural area. The items are shipped out within 24-hours and most members receive their items within 3-7 business days.
  • Member Convenience: An order can be placed without ever leaving home. This easy access to over-the-counter products assists in reducing unnecessary doctor visits.
  • Lessen the amount of technology that must be used with other programs/companies: Individuals who live in rural areas generally do not have access to technology so the mail order program eliminates the need to use technology.
  • Increased Independence: The use of the program provides the opportunity of self-care for Medicare Advantage members.

They keep an eye on trends in the OTC market and then assist in determining the products that are best suited for your members. They help companies create a custom eligible and dual purpose product catalog. They will provide a new product catalog each year. It always includes a variety of CMS approved OTC products for Medicare Part C Benefit. Each year a list is provided of the top OTC products. For 2018 the top recommend products were:

  1. Acid reducer: Prilosec OTC
  2. Adhesive bandage: Band-Aid
  3. Antihistamine: Claritin
  4. Athlete’s foot treatment: Lamisil
  5. Cough, cold and flu-daytime: DayQuil
  6. Cough, cold and flu-nighttime: NyQuil
  7. Cough suppressant: Delsym
  8. First aid topical antibiotic/antiseptic: Neosporin
  9. Headache relief: Advil
  10. Lactose intolerance remedy: Lactaid
  11. Migraine relief: Excedrin Migraine
  12. Toothpaste: Crest
  13. Children’s pain reliever: Children’s Tylenol
  14. Children’s allergy medicine: Children’s Zyrtec allergy syrup
  15. Blood glucose monitor: OneTouch

The source of the information from the above list can be found at:

NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

Although the focus is on the mail order program, there are two other ways that members can process an order:

  • Order by Phone: Members may select items from the printed catalog and then call their customer service line to place the order over the telephone.
  • Order Online: Members may select items from the online catalog and then place their own order over the computer or any device with internet access.

No matter how the order is processed, once submitted, their order is immediately processed, packed and shipped from the warehouse within 24 hours to the members’ home, again members never have to leave home. The products are provided at no cost to the member and the cost of the items that they purchase are billed to their Health Plan.

If you are a company that is interested is setting up an Over The Counter Catalog Program using the Fieldtex Fulfillment Center, call the number provided above for a free quote. They will be happy to create a customized OTC Benefit Program based on your specific Health Plan Brand Guidelines. You will be able to offer your members access to hundreds of pre-selected OTC Products and Medications from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Their program customizations include:

  • Control over customized product lists tailored to your member needs.
  • Control over the frequency of the benefit, and limit orders per benefit period.
  • Access to an easy-to-use branded online store for convenient member ordering.
  • Access to a branded and custom designed product catalog along with a custom mail-in-order form.
  • Control which items members can buy. Select the actual products that can be available instead of just the product categories.
  • Access to the call center that has both English and Spanish operators and the option of additional language lines if required.
  • Control benefit rollover options along with benefits that expire at the end of the cycle if not spent.

NOTE: visit for more information or request a live demo. They even offer Wellness Rewards Programs.