Accepted at CVS, Kroger, Walmart, RiteAid, Walgreens, Albertsons, Safeway and many many more! Print and use it same day, just show the print out to the cashier. Works just like a coupon does. Use same print out over and over.

Did you that even with insurance a prescription discount card can still save you money in some cases.


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App allows you to first check your medications costs at pharmacies in your area. Just show the clerk your phone and get the instant discount.

There are millions of Americans that can not afford the cost of rising Healthcare. To help offset these costs, the National Drug Center has created a free program that allows anyone to get a discount on pharmacy needs. There are over 62,000 pharmacies now in the free network that accept the card. Never pay full price again.


Instant way to save up to 80% off brand name or generic prescriptions. Show your card at the pharmacy of your choice. Get the lowest price.

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Print you card/ID number instantly to save now. One can also be mailed to you if desired. A new APP is available for download so your card will be with you at all times.