natures way

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Brand: Nature’s Way

Purpose: Activated charcoal captures unwanted material and carries it safely through the digestive system.

Review: In my experience, this product has been highly effective in remedying any stomach/digestive related issues. It will absorb many toxins that may be present in your body and that may cause the types of issues mentioned above, including food poisoning.

The first time I purchased this product, I was having severe gas pains in my chest area for several days. Nothing worked – antacids, natural remedies, pain killers all failed. Within less than an hour, I was completely “healed” so to speak. Since then I have relied on it instead of other antacids or bloating remedies.

Nature’s Way Charcoal is affordable, effective and a natural remedy on top of that. I have also opened the capsules and used the powder in a face wash with wonderful results. The capsules can also be opened and used for:

  • teeth whitening
  • removal of toxins from insect bites (spider, bee, scorpion, etc.)