United Healthcare Online Physicians

United Healthcare provides a variety of tools for physicians and health professionals. One primary tool is United Healthcare Online. This online system allows these professionals to better care for and serve their patients.

It helps eliminate paperwork and filing work in the office. You can quickly keep up with records online, submit claims online, use notification tools and more. You can access patient information such eligibility, health records, keep track of payments. You can also gain access to critical news in the bulletin section, a library of United Healthcare policies, protocols, administrative guides and pharmacy resources, patient safety resources, and much more.

When you login you can look up a patient easily by using the Enrollee number or an Alpha search and immediately view the patients dates of coverage, co pay amount and how much has been paid toward the deductible and benefit details and coverage options. When it come to claims and payments you get summaries of how much the patient owes and how much is covered by the health plan and other adjudication details and easily check on the claims status. You will also be able to use  UnitedHealthcare Online you can look up a patient to verify eligibility as soon as they arrive.

You can create individual accounts for staff and have more than one tax ID.

If you want to get started, we have provided the simple steps below to get you access to United Healthcare Online.

What you need to have available to use the United Healthcare Community Plan online:

  • internet access
  • tax id
  • other basic information

Follow these easy steps below to use the United Healthcare Community Plan online:

  1. Visit www.uhc.com/physicians in your browser.
  2. To the far right of the page click on the link titled “United Healthcare Online” or the link titled “Go to United Healthcare Online” found in the middle of the page under the second paragraph.
  3. Watch the “GETTING STARTED” video or click on the “TAKE THE TOUR” link to get familiarized with the options and benefits. (Optional)
  4. Click on the orange button titled “ENROLL TODAY” or the “New User” link found under the login section.
  5. Enter in your tax id and then click on the “Search” button.
  6. Proceed to provide any other details and information to get started.

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